1. Commit to making a financial plan – Signing a financial planning agreement is the best way to make the commitment official. It’s the best way to hold yourself and your team of professionals accountable to the financial planning process.
  2. Gather your data: It is critical for your financial planning professional to have an accurate picture of your finances. The data that they collect today serves as the foundation for your financial plan. Our professionals can aide in the collection of the following information listed below.
    1. Financial Statements, Tax Returns, Paystubs –  
    2. Create and share your budget
    3. List your assets
    4. Connect eMoney
  3. Set your goals: Save, retire, buy a home: Paint us a picture of your wants and desires for your financial goals. We will construct a plan and give the most efficient road map to your destination. Your goals are full-time job! 
  4. Get a Riskalyze number: Know your all-weather number! Through the good and bad times in the financial markets, it is important to have peace of mind knowing that the risk of your investments is foreseen and managed accordingly. Know your Risk Number!! 
  5. The Financial Advisor will evaluate your information – Reviewing your plan and coming to an agreement on the next steps is a key part of the financial planning process.
  6. Choose the right Investments and Savings – With a proper assessment of your risk, 
  7. Implement your plan – A plan without execution does nothing to accomplish your financial goals. We are here to set your plan in motion!
  8. Monitor your results – The relationship you have with your financial planner is one that should provide constant feedback based on a sound understanding of your goals. We seek to develop lifelong relationships to create your financial plan and bring you to the results you are looking to reach.