Best Financial Planner in Miami

Miami is popular for lots of amazing and beautiful people, food, parties and beaches. One thing that is often overlooked is the wealth in Miami. Undoubtedly, Miami is a wealthy city and it shows. It’s exactly this abundance of wealth and access to capital that has given our team at Passion Investor plenty of experience. We take pride in knowing that the amazing Miami residents entrust us with their hard-earned cash. We are Passionate about investing that’s why we called the business Passion Investor. Our passion has made our firm the most utilized firm with Miami residents.  We love the fact that we keep Miami money in Miami Florida. Your passionate employees are ready and willing to maximize your portfolio and be the best financial planner in Miami.

As a prominent member of the community our company strives to serve all customers in their financial journey.  We are financial planners that treat your 401K just like the portfolio of the more affluent clients. We don’t discriminate against who comes through our door.  We know that your retirement and your family’s standard of living and health relies on the management of your wealth. That’s why our firm is dedicated to expanding our wealth management to include blue- and white-collar members of the Miami community. Do not let Financial planning be a loathsome chore, the truth is the best thing you can do for yourself or your loved ones is to make sure your money is managed thoughtfully.

Retirement Planning:

Let’s face Florida has reputation of being surrounded by silver headed guy and gals. Let us help you make sure when you are one of these folks you have a great retirement plan that gives you piece of mind. We can also assist you if you are already using your retirement plan, we can perform an assessment to make sure your retirement is still working its best for you.

Investment Guidance:

We can give you specific guidance on your 401(k) and other investment options. Help you improve your budget so you can save more. The person you work with can give you specific guidance on what documents to bring, but paperwork may include:

Asset Management:

We will asset you in understanding if the boat you own owns you.  At Passion Investor we know that our properties and assets can be burdensome, but we take it upon ourselves to help you understand and maximize the benefits of your assets.

We want you to recognize this won’t be just a counseling. We do a thorough and thoughtful job and make sure to execute on your behalf. At Passion Investor we are here to help you enjoy the best of what Miami has to offer.