Why Financial Planning is Important

Creating a financial plan helps to establish a framework to aid in decision-making with life’s foreseeable and unforeseeable events. Your plan becomes a living document that moves with you through the various life-events that impact you financially. A financial plan serves to help families make the best decisions possible when it comes to buying their first home, saving for their children’s higher education needs, or even learning how to make better decisions when it comes to saving for retirement.

Everybody wants to retire as early as possible. With a financial plan, many families have found it possible to achieve these goals by knowing the steps necessary to accomplish these goals.

Throughout the entirety of the financial planning process, our most successful individuals and families are confidently aided by our fiduciary financial planning advisors. These individuals/families are successful because they have met their goals by investing into a financial plan, following objective advice to improve the plan, and partnering with our advisors to review these steps throughout the lifetime of their financial planning relationship.times. What you need financially just starting out and setting up your first home is very different from what you will need after you have children and that will be very different from what you need financially as you head towards retirement.

Benefits of financial planning in 2019

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There is always a benefit in knowing what you’re doing with your money. Knowing what to do with your money now, and in the future, is something we should all do but often don’t. We always think we have more time than we actually have. Sometimes we don’t get around to it. The thing is, time is shorter than we think, later always becomes tomorrow, and yes time does matter when it comes to financial planning. Put time on your side.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is exactly what it sounds like: Planning your finances. Budgeting. Saving. That can look different to each person. Financial planning is looking at what monetary assets you have and what can you do with them to benefit you now and in the long-term. Financial planning doesn’t just look at what you have but also what you are trying to accomplish and how to use your income and assets to achieve that.

So why is financial planning important in life?

Whether you have a financial plan or not can greatly impact your life. Lifetime financial planning should be a goal we all have. Yet some may ask: why you need to do financial planning? Look at it this way, there is a difference in being prepared for life financially and having to get play catch up–or simply being totally unprepared.

Financial planning’s like going to Alaska. Wouldn’t you plan on bringing a coat? How about some gloves? What would you do on your trip?

If you’re someone who has spent more time planning your last vacation than your retirement, read no further, call us immediately.

If you conduct financial planning for life’s milestones, such as college, marriage, your first home, babies, then you are prepared for life.

Granted there are some things that are unforeseen, and you might not think to plan for, like illnesses, being laid-off or terminated, or a family death.

However, we’ve got the experience to plan for these contingencies. By investing time now in financial planning means the unexpected doesn’t have to be a derailment of your future.

If you’re having to play catch up and look for finances as issues arise that means every unplanned life moment will be difficult. That means in dealing with and recovering from it.